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The content of this site was appointed by the ICEVI web site planning group and European chairman.

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This site was created with accent on it's accessibility. We followed W3C recommendations and we used a lot of other resources discussing this topic. The main features, we give a stress on are:

  • The title of each document describes what is it about. This feature is very useful, when you are swithing between opened applications.
  • We keep the page layout similar for each document to make the orientation easier (e.g. logo and link to the home page at the top, content, menu on the right hand side or after content in browsers which doesn't support tables, contact at the end).
  • The text, used for activating each of links, describes what will follow. We avoid the use of links like: "Click on!".
  • After activating the link refering to the page on different server, the new window with selected site will be opened. This is announced by the abbreviation [nw].
  • All the images have alternative text description.
  • Nearly all the formatting (font, size, alignment and colours) is specified in separate CSS file, which helps to keep the pages clear to understand.
  • Frames and moving objects are not used at all.
  • Image maps are accompanied with the list of links.
  • The site is regularly (approx. four times a year) checked
    with W3C Markup Validation Sevice [new window] to avoid errors in HTML code Valid HTML 4.0! and W3C CSS Validation Service [new window] to check Cascading Style Sheets used in (X)HTML documents Valid CSS!
    with Watchfire Bobby [new window] accessibility validator to make sure, that there are no accessibility errors
    and with Link Valet [new window], to keep all the links working.


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