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Temporary Agenda of the General Assembly

Thursday 9 July 2009, 16.00 - 17.30 in Dublin, Ireland

  1. Opening
  2. For approval
    1. Annual report 2008
    2. Budget 2009
  3. Elections
    1. Election of the chairman
      No new candidates have presented themselves. It is possible to do so up until June 10. The present chairman is eligible for re-election.
    2. Election of the Board members [doc]
      Except for one board member all members are eligible for re-election. New candidates can present themselves up until June 10.
    3. Election of the country representatives [doc]
      All country representatives have been asked if they are willing to be put up for re-election. The chairman has not received answers from all representatives.
    In the newsletter of April 2008, all information about the procedure for these elections was published. Those who are interested are advised to look at the newsletter once more.
    As part of the preparations for the General Assembly nominations should be sent to the chairman, hanswelling@visio.org
    After June 10 the final agenda will be made for the General Assembly.
  4. Presentation of countries for the European Conference 2013
    During the conference in Dublin it will be decided where the next conference will take place.
    Representatives of countries can give a presentation during the Dublin conference.
    Criteria to be the host are:
    • Having a strong national host committee
    • Having a good venue with many rooms
    • Having hotels with several price levels (mention prices in high and low season)
    • Having the fee cost not more than 500
    • Having a social programme
    • Having the ability to fundraise
    • Having international accessibility
    The preparations for the conference will take place in cooperation with the board of ICEVI.
    The board will also take the final decision about the place of the conference in 2013.
    Hopefully many countries will present themselves before June 10.
    Updated information about the conference can be found at www.icevidublin2009.org
    For questions about the General Assembly you can contact your board member.
  5. Looking to the future
  6. Any other business
  7. Closure

7 May 2009
Hans Welling, Chairman

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