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What is ICEVI?

ICEVI, which was formerly known as ICEVH, is a professional non-governmental organization that welcomes any group or person who wishes to support its aims. It was formed in 1952 and has met as an international group once in every five years.

It now has subscribing individual and corporate members in over 80 countries. Its publication, The Educator, is mailed to 2,500 readers in 155 countries.

ICEVI is recognized by the United Nations Economic and Social Council, by UNICEF and by UNESCO and works with WHO.

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ICEVI's Mission

ICEVI exists to promote educational opportunities for children and adults with visual impairment throughout the world. This means people who are totally blind or who have low vision, including those with additional disabilities.

ICEVI's Role

ICEVI does not offer direct services itself. Its Officers and Regional Chairpersons, who are the main contact points for much of its work, undertake a range of promotional activities:

  • working with governments, non-governmental organizations and international bodies to improve special needs education
  • providing a wide range of information
  • offering expert advice and linking members with leading world practitioners
  • organizing training courses, seminars and conferences
  • supporting the global program for the prevention of blindness

ICEVI's Structure

The Council meets in General Assembly every five years at the Quinquennial Conference. It is managed by an International Consultative Committee (ICC) and an Executive Committee elected at the Conference. The ICC is made up of its founding members, international and sponsoring organizations, Principal Officers, Regional Chairpersons, Committee Chairpersons and three of the United Nations specialized agencies.