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Dear friends,

please allow us once again to advertise for becoming members of ICEVI Europe. Just now, with the following about to take place, it becomes more and more relevant to have many members!

ICEVI Europe is on a promising way in to the future

All of this is based on our ongoing work in

To enable us to do so we still need your support! ICEVI Europe is improving its membership system which is unique within ICEVI International and which will create a solid financial basis for climbing all the necessary steps to reach our aims. What are the benefits you will have in joining ICEVI Europe?

ICEVI Europe has idealistic aims and You are invited to support this ambition. Therefore please encourage your colleagues, motivate schools, services, centres associations and institutions to join ICEVI Europe! Find forms for the application in our website www.icevi-europe.org or in case you have no web access just fill in the membership application form in the last European Newsletter or write a request for that form to:

Hans Welling, Immediate Past President
Diependaalsedrift 32
1213cr Hilversum
The Netherlands

Mobile: 0031652679821
e-mail: wellingja at yahoo.com
Skype: j.a.welling

Mr. Steve McCall, Treasurer of ICEVI-Europe

* In the event you are interested in receiving these Benefits, ICEVI-Europe will send you a Letter of Confirmation saying that you are in fact a Member of ICEVI-Europe. In this case, please send an email with your request of a Letter of Confirmation to the Executive Assistant to the Presidency of ICEVI-Europe, Mrs. Martha Gyftakos (mgyftakos[@]yahoo.com) so that you may use this Letter when you contact VBS, AFB, and/or Perkins School for the Blind for the purpose of obtaining these benefits. In addition, when sending us your request of a Letter of Confirmation, please inform us which of the benefits from VBS, AFB, or Perkins School for the Blind you are interested in obtaining, so that we may also provide you with coupon codes and/or instructions to allow you to access these benefits.

Read also: [Information folder | Application form | Payment]

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