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Educational institutions

The republican boarding school for blind children from Balti "Nicolai Ostrovschi"

Created in 1953, the boarding school from Balti is a state institution.
The instruction is taking place after a special plan of the general school. The high complete studies can be gained at one of the 5 schools in the republic (north, south and centre).
The school has the capacity for 150 persons.

Director - Olga Junghina
Tel.: (+0373) 0231 22354, 22355
Address: Orheiului Street, 115, Balti, Republic of Moldova

Technological lyceum for children with low vision from Chisinau

The institution works after a high school program with the possibility to gain lyceum studies, beginning with 2002. In the lyceum are studying 150 children from Chisinau. There you can study professions like computer operator and seamstress.

Director - Ala Plinghei
Tel.: (+0373 ) 225014, 224363 Address: Vlaicu PÓrc„lab Street, 32, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD-2012

Republican Specialized School for blind and for the people with low vision

In this school you can study professions like secretary, masseur and charity nurse. To study in this school you need to be not older then 35 years and you can gain high general complete studies.

Director - Galina Salomatina
Tel.: (+0373) 238150
Address: Mihai Cog„lniceanu Street, 83, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova


National Center for Information and Rehabilitation of the Union Blind of Moldova

(created in May 2006)
The objectives of the Center: giving information services, instruction, consulting for persons with visual disabilities.

The services offered by the Center:

  1. Specialized library (Sonora books, Braille, renting facilities in the reading room, library helper, cultural activities, mini typography Braille, registration studio).
  2. Psychological consulting;
  3. Instruction in space orientation amd mobility;
  4. Studying the Braille system;
  5. Use of the computer;
  6. Elementary rehabilitation;
  7. Juridical assistance.

Address: Drumul Viilor Street 36/2, MD-2021, Chisinau, Moldova
Tel.: (+ 373) 731456; 731466; 921711,
Fax: (+373) 731493
E-mail: centrulSOM at , centrulSOM at

The Union Blind of Moldova

Nongovernmental organization, created in 1946 and till present activates on a SOM Status. The status was adopted at the XIII-th Congress of the Union on 15 June 2005, registered at the Ministry of Justice of Moldova.
The main objective of the Union is to gather the blind and partially blind citizens, in order to assure them with work places, to give them social and cultural activities, to contribute to arousal of their general knowledge, professions and to create special conditions for communication between them.
The Union Blind has 8,5 thousands members who are or totally blind or partially blind, citizens of Moldova, who are registered in 46 primary, territorial and production organizations.

Union Blind President - Dumitru Sclifos
Tel.: (+ 373) 22-27-89, 22-51-91,
Fax: 22-41-16,
E-mail: dcasom at
Address: Columna Street, 101, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 2012

"VITA"- the Association of Deaf-blind Children and Youth with Multiple Disabilities of Moldova

MD 2043, Moldova, Chisinau, Alexandru cel Bun, 83 street, office 101
Tel: +373 22 890005
Fax: +373 022 221535

Association goals: