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Training of Teachers of the Visually Impaired in Europe

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APPENDIX 2 - Summary of the Evaluation

At the end of the workshop participants were asked to fill in an evaluation form and to assess the individual sessions and the working methods used on a five-point scale.
36 participants filled in this evaluation form. The average scores are:

1 = of no interest/not good
5 = very important/very good

Opening session 14.3
Opening session 24.5
Working session 14.5
Working session 24.5
Working session 34.1
Working session 44.8
Closing session4.7
Overall impression4.6
Working methods - introductory lecture4.6
Working methods - group discussion4.6
Working methods - plenary discussion4.5
Social events4.8


Organise another workshop of this kind?
Yes: 34
No: 0

in 1 year's time: 8
in 2 years' time: 24
in 3 years' time: 4
in 4 years' time: 0
in 5 years' time: 0

The workshop as a whole, the separate parts and the working methods used were rated positively to very positively. This is also reflected in the fact that all participants would like to attend another workshop of this kind, preferably in two years' time.
With regard to the working method it was noted several times that in addition to discussion other methods would be appreciated.

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