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2nd Workshop
Training of Teachers of the Visually Impaired in Europe

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15. Evaluation and follow-up
Review in verse by Mrs Solveig Sj�stedt

Although it is difficult to summarise the workshop in a few words it may certainly be said that everyone went home with new ideas both with regard to certain aspects of the content of the curriculum and with regard to methods to be used.
Since each of the participants has only been occupied with one of the five themes, this report will probably give them new insights as to the other themes. The participants were unanimous in their opinion that this way of working was considerably better than the method of working used in the first workshop. Then, each theme was discussed in all groups causing the discussions to have less depth.

The reader distributed among the participants well in advance, the work methods, the outcome and whether the workshop had met the expectations were all rated between 4.4 and 4.6 on a five-point scale. The overall opinion whether the workshop had been worth the investment in time, effort and money was even rated at 4.8 (also on a five-point scale). It is not surprising therefore that all participants expressed the wish to organise a new, third workshop in about two years' time. As a possible topic 'flexible learning' was suggested, while commenting, however, on how specific this is for our target group: trainers of teachers of visually impaired.
It has been agreed to hold a meeting during the conference in Cracow in order to exchange further ideas about this.

There are high expectations as to the co-operation ICEVI Europe and the European Agency. The following members of a preparatory study group have been appointed: Mirela Arion, Krisztina Kovacs, Heather Mason, Steve McCall, Peter Rodney and Harry Svensson.

The workshop was concluded with a word of thanks to all those who had contributed to its success.

Solveig Sjostedt expressed her feelings about the workshop in her own special way:

My thanks for all these lovely days
Can be expressed in many ways
A speech, applause, a song, a rhyme
Even if there was no time
as I started it in Budapest
I thought a poem would be the best.

First of all I will thank Herman
Our handsome, skilled European chairman
Our EU-group was at a loss
But Herman came, became our big boss
He took over the sinking ship
As a result we all went on this trip
and had a chance to meet again
none of the work was thus in vain.

An then our nice Slovakian host
His/her ego I intent to boast
The premises have been just fine
The hospitality devine
With food and warmth and lots to drink
I am sure that all your quests do think
That it now really is a pity
That we soon will leave your lovely city.

The days here have been rather tough
But no one thought we had enough
Time to share all that we knew
For our V.I.'s that could make the true
Difference in their future days
But I think there are many ways
To go on with the special task
As everyone has learned to ask
WHY and why and why and why
So Frans, please hear my desperate cry
Create e new methodology
And give us all a chance to see
Each other in a year or two
I know we can depend on you!
But most of all our knowledge shared
The aspect that we really cared
Should make ICEVI aware
And hopefully my opinion share
That this is the most perfect way
To see what experts want to say
We all wait for the good time when
All of us can meet again.

These verses were written half past two
In the night so now I can tell you
A night like that just can't be true
The dancing, singing, all of you
European friends from near and far
With Vladimir as the great star
Almost took the breath out of me
And I do sincerely hope to see
You all before I will retire
As you are the ones I admire
Dedicated, warmhearthed European Firsts
To be with you makes me humble, my heart nearly bursts.

Thank you!

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