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When a blind child is born into a family, the situation is new and confusing. Parents have thousands of questions but very few answers.

  • How am I able to do everything possible for my child?
  • How can our everyday life become ordinary, good and safe, yet active?
  • How are thousands of repetitions possible?
  • How to best support my child: Am I overprotective or encouraging as a parent?
  • How will my blind child have as many experiences as the seeing child?


  • Motivation
  • Repetitions
  • That the child does things by him/herself
  • Adequate support from an adult
  • The inquisitiveness of an explorer

"To acquire new skills, a child needs thousends of repetitions, which in most cases take place during everyday chores. With a blind child, the parents are in a particularly significant role. It is importan to find an active and workable daily rhythm that suits each family the best. it is vital that the parents have the strenght to observe the needs of not only the blind child, but also their own needs and those of the other children in the family.

A blind child needs just as many experiences as the sighted child. But getting these experiences often takes much more time than for a sighted child. Excessive protectiveness slows down and hinders the child's development. It is i mportant that the child experiences, within the limits of his/her tolerance, the unexpectedness of everyday life, both the joyous and the unpleasant sides, so that the child's sphere of experience will be as great as possible. Each child gains practice the important skill of tolerating disappointment in their everyday games and chores.

Like any other child, the blind child needs limits set by an adult to guide his/her development. However, most important is the love, simple, everyday companionship and the presence of a loving adult.

We wish you the inquisitiveness of an explorer on your shared journey!"

These questions are answered in this DVD LEO LEARNS BY DOING, a video about the everyday handling of a blind baby.
Tips on this DVD about the caring of a blind child suit most parents with an infant, therapists and those involved with the family. Information also supports parent-child interaction.

Please send your orders to:
Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired
Children's Rehab
Anne Tiljander
PL 41
FIN-00030 Iiris
Tel.: +358-9-396 041, +358939604571
E-mail: anne.tiljander@nkl.fi
Price: 25 € (incl.VAT )+ packing and postage

The DVD contains information on the everyday handling of a blind child and on the support to the development of the child's motor skills.

The DVD contains Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian versions.
The DVD's price is 25€ (incl. VAT. 22%) + postage 10€. Possible additional costs, e.g. from currency exchange, are to be paid by the purchaser.

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