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Reading courses make BETTER READERS

Reading and partially sighted pupils
by Kai Otto Jensen, Refsnaesskolen - Denmark

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At the Refsnaesskolen, Institute for blind and partially sighted children and young people in Denmark, 2 courses aiming at accelerating the pupils' reading are held every year.

One of the courses is aimed at the 4th to 5th grades, the other one at the 6th to 7th grades (external pupils). To be admitted to both courses it is required from the participants that they are able to read fluently. Maximum number of pupils at each course is 10.

The course lasts four and a half days, and as you will see in the schedule below, it is hard work. During the three first lessons of 'reading course' everybody reads - on his own level.

The level is chosen according to the performance of the children at a test of 'quiet reading' in the very first lesson. In the fourth lesson there is a possibility to change from the very intensive and demanding 'fictional reading' to the more relaxed 'problem reading' on loose problem sheets, but apart from that the reading course continues.

The 5th 'lesson' is there for the children to rest their eyes, to exercise, and to get some fresh air.
After lunch the reading course goes on, alternatively the pupils can be occupied with home work from their own school.

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