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Design of the conference

6th European Conference of ICEVI
Chemnitz, Germany 14-18 August 2005

Dear friends,
our common conference gets closer. Due to the program which will be delivered at the registration desk I like to inform you in advance which the design of the conference will be.

Design of the conference
Day/Time 09:00-10:30 Plenaries Break 11:00-12:30 Parallel Lunch 14:00-15:30 Parallel Break 16:00-17:30
Sunday             Opening Ceremony, Reception
Monday Assessment speaker, Low Vision speaker Coffee break Presentations Assessment Lunch Break Presentations Low Vision Coffee break ICEVI Business + Subregions
Tuesday Professionalism, ICT speakers Coffee break Presentations Professionalism Lunch Break Presentations ICT Coffee break ICEVI Business, Elections
Wednesday O&M speaker, ADL speaker Coffee break Presentations O&M/ADL
Thursday Social Competences, Family speakers Coffee break Presentations Social Competences Lunch Break Presentations Family Coffee break Closing Procedures


The interest groups are meeting daily, the attendants may vary (participation is for everybody possible). The subjects experience a daily common presentation in a plenary, 2 speakers, for every speaker is a time of 30 min reserved; we expect no further discussion within the plenary. After the following break we will meet in parallel sessions, which represent the interest groups. In these groups we expect the daily subjects taking care for more differentiated and related to the focus of the interest group. Additional working groups are possible dependent to the proposals of the interested possible speakers.

Poster Presentations are welcome. They will deal with "free" subjects or areas on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the daily time from 11:00 - 13:30 hrs.

ICEVI Europe could motivate al lot of very well reputed and qualified speakers who are for instance

  • Prof. Sven Degenhardt, Germany
  • Prof. Lea Hyvärinen, Finland
  • Dr. Mira Tzvetkova, Bulgaria
  • Dr. Gordon Dutton, UK
  • Dr. Kevin Carey, UK
  • Dr. Natalie Lewi-Dumont, France
  • Prof. Renate Walthes, Germany
  • Prof. Michael Brambring, Germany

Introducing us into the different subjects and areas, followed by parallel sessions. The contributions there are held by also very qualified colleagues from all over Europe, forming a picture of an educational landscape in Europe. If not having done that yet do not hesitate to register!

Lokking forward meeting many of you in Chemnitz, Germany

Eberhard Fuchs, chairman ICEVI Europe
Würzburg, 15.06.2005

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