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Preliminary program (22.7.2005)

6th European Conference of ICEVI
Chemnitz, Germany 14-18 August 2005

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Preliminary program which might be changed if necessary.
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Workshops only in english language,
Parallel session only in english language,
Parallel session with translation in english/german/russian,
Plenary with translation translation in english/german/russian,
Poster session.

For each program entry you will find here following information:
time, name: subject (kind of the lecture/room/language).

Sunday, 14th August 2005

Opening ceremony
Prof Dr Degenhardt: Key Note Adress (plenary/N 114/german)

Monday, 15th August 2005

Prof. Michael Brambring: Assessment (Plenary/N 114/German)
Prof. Gordon Dutton: Low Vision (Plenary/N 114/English)
10.30-11.00 Coffee break: Exhibition
Albert Ruf Urbea: Assessment of functional vision in persons who cannot cooperate with the examiner 2 Revision (Parallel session/N 114/Spanish)
Lea Hyvaerinen: Assessment of vision of children with motor problems (Parallel session/N 114/English)
Hanns Kern: Neurosciences and Furthering and Rehabilitation of Visual Abilities and Visual Behaviour (Parallel session/N 114/Deutsch)
Leo Delaet: Assessment (Parallel session/N 113/English)
Anne Hendriksen: Functional Vision Assessment for children with complex needs (Parallel session/N 113/Deutsch)
H. Lijnders-Kunen: Assessment children (Parallel session/N 113/English)
Sabine Gerstenberger: The value of assessment in the Evaluation of Capabilities and Aptitudes for Profession Finding (Parallel session/N 112/German)
Hanne Pittroff: Imitation - a powerful mediator for the development of congenitally deaf blind children (Parallel session/N 112/German)
John Ravenscroft: Parents/Epidemiology: The Profile of Scottish Children (Parallel session/N 112/English)
Doris Drave: Multiple obstructed seeing-impaired children with heavy psychological remarkableness in the school (Parallel Session/N 111/German)
Marianne Eick: Open School - an alternative program for education of visually impaired students in general education setting (Parallel Session/N 111/German)
Solveig Sjostedt: Towards Inclusive Education in Kosovo (Parallel session/N 111/English)
Petra Verweyen: Technique of eccentric viewing training to improve reading performance (Workshop/N 013/English)
Sven Wohlfahrt: Sound Exhibition "Three Times Live" (Workshop/N 101/English)
Lunch time: Exhibition, poster presention
Marta Gado: Cortical visual impairment (Parallel session/N 114/English)
Petra Verweyen: Vision Therapy - multidisciplinary and integrated aproach (Parallel session/N 114/German)
Ulrich Zeun: Monokular training for blind (Parallel session/N 114/German)
Dr. Thomas Kahlisch: DAISY - A smart access to information (Parallel session/N 113/English)
Merce Leonhardt: Early Intervention (Parallel session/N 113/Spanish)
Moniz Pereira: Low Vision (Parallel session/N 113/English)
Marija Gschaider-Kraner: On the way to seeing (Parallel session/N 112/German)
Annya Hendriks: Visual conversion problems in school aged youth, with or without diagnosed visual impaired (Parallel session/N 112/English)
Stefanie Holzapfel: Digital Cameras can be used as Low Vision Devices (Parallel session/N 112/German)
Birgit Drohlshagen: Birgit Rothenberg Teaching Key Competences for higher Education (Parallel session/N 111/German)
Kerstin Göhler: Preparation for apprenticeship - a new concept and is realization (Parallel session/N 111/German)
Vasile Liviu Preda, Laura Elena Runceanu: Function rehabilitation- a premise for career choice and training in the case of visually (Parallel session/N 111/English)
15.30-16.00 Coffee break: Exhibition, poster presention
Heike Wiedemann: "E-Learning - a way to empower pupils and students with visually impairments?!" interactive workshop (Workshop/max 12 persons!!/SFZ Flemmingstr. H 68/English)
ICEVI Business meeting 1 (plenary/N 114)

Video, Monday 15 August 2005

Dan Kish: No sight, no limits (video/N 111/English)
Mariya Vasyunyk: Free title (video/N 112/Russian)

Poster presentation, Monday 15 August 2005

Arne Rodin: 1st International Education Conference on Batten Disease (poster/Entrance hall/English)
Andrei Belyi (Belarus): The Contribution Project of Belarusian Vasilevichi and Ireland volunteers (poster/Entrance hall/English)
Dragana Macesic-Petrovic: Assessment (poster/Entrance hall/English)
Spremberg: Early intervention in East Germany- projects and results (poster/Entrance hall/German)
Ulf Gläser: School Services + Pre/Vocational Services (poster/Entrance hall/English)
Krisztina Kovács: Professional Enhancement-Early Intervention (poster/Entrance hall/English)
Gerti Jaritz-Tschinkel: New possibilities of the promotion with Lilly & Gogo for children with Sehbehinderung and/or multiple handicap (poster/Entrance hall/German)
Anna PICCIONI, Opthalmologist ; - Rome, Italy: presentation proposal (poster/Entrance hall/English)
Plaksina Liubov: Rehabilitation by means of education of children with Visual Impairment (poster/Entrance hall/English)
Lilja Plastunova: Singularities of mental development of infants with visual impairment. (poster/Entrance hall/English)
Sorokina Irina: Blind children's integration into government kindergardens as experimental system of preschool education in Russia. (poster/Entrance hall/English)
Ineke Rollman, Sania Laarhoven: early intervention groups for toddlers and their parents (poster/Entrance hall/English)
Herman Heinecke: In-Sight, an assessment procedure for the higher levels of visual functioning (poster/Entrance hall/English)
Konkoli Zdesic, Petrovic Sladetic: Assessment (poster/Entrance hall/English)
Wilfried Frelke, Würzburg: Training the head educators. Professional enhancement and quality management (poster/Entrance hall/German)

Tuesday, 16th August 2005

Natalie Levi-Dumont: Professionalism (English)
Kevin Carey: ICT (Plenary/N 114 English)
10.30-11.00 Coffee break: Exhibition
Vassilios Argyropoulos/Aineias Martos: Blind students and spelling: An Investigation into (Parallel session/N 114/English)
Frederike Beyer: Development of a Quality Program for the Education of Blind and Visually Impaired Pupils (Parallel session/N 114/German)
Birgit Rothenberg: The paradigm of independent living and its consequences for the profesionality (Parallel session/N 114/German)
Erwin Denninghaus Between Quality and Price Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Germany (Parallel session/N113/German)
Truja Kruijer Innovative learning and training in vocational education (Parallel session/N113/English)
Birgit Kruk, Christina Westerberg Education (Parallel session/N113/English)
Brian Allen: From School to Resource (Parallel session/N 111/English)
Iain Prain: ImPAct MDVI (Parallel session/N 111/English)
Catrin Hastreiter: The Role of Case Management during Vocational Training of Persons with Visual Impairment (Parallel session/N 111/German)
Emmy Csocsan, Soveig Sjöstedt: MIVI (Parallel/N 010/English without translation)
Mary Lee: Touch in non verbal communication/multiple disability (Parallel/N 010/English without translation)
Morag Mc Gregor: An Innovation Apporoach to Accessing and Developing Sensory Stories for MDVI Pupils (Parallel/N 010/English without translation)
Christine Duve Development of a constructional conflict culture - experiences in the project Yapalim Mach also (Parallel session/N 112/German)
Inna Minenkowa Development of moral notions of primary school children with vision disorders Parallel- session N 112 Russian
Irina Zarubina Problems of higher education for visually impaired students (Parallel session/N 112/English)
Dan Kish: Improving quality of life trough alternative perception (Workshop/N 101/English)
Markus Rummel: Music-Therapy with multiply handicapped visually impaired and congenitally deaf blind children, juveniles and adults (Workshop/N 105/German,English)
Lunch time: Exhibition, poster presention
Piotr Broza: Internet, Multimedia Parallel session N114/English)
Georg Losik (Oleg Sizonow): Computer for training English Pronunction for the Blind (Parallel session/N114/English)
Alfred Schulz: E-learning for the blind and visually handicapped - a first hand report (Parallel session/N114/German)
Dorine in t'Veld: Making educational software accessible: a pilot (Parallel session/N113/English)
Henk Snetselaar: Get the picture of the ICT education of the visually impaired (Parallel session/N113/English)
Henk Snetselaar: Accessible (Parallel session/N113/English)
Birgit Drohlshagen / Ralph Klein: Web Quests - an Example for New Learning with New Media (Parallel session/N112/German)
Robert Jones: ICT (Parallel session/N112/English)
Jaroslaw Wiazowski: Assistive Technology is more than screen reader (Parallel session/N112/English)
Ulrike Donath: Blind persons in Call Center (Parallel session/N 111/German)
Nurit Neustedt: Assitive technology for blind and visually persons (Parallel session/N 111/English)
Svend Thougaard, Lars Ballieu: Braille or Speech trough Email (Parallel session/N 111/English)
Henk van der Eijk, Henk de Jong: Employment trough advisory services (Parallel session/N 101/English without translation)
Johannes Schumann: Vocational education for visually impaired students with (severe) learning difficulties (Parallel session/N 101/English without translation)
Johannes Schumann: Vocational education for visually impaired students with (severe) learning difficulties (Parallel session/N 101/English without translation)
15.30-16.00 Coffee break: Exhibition, poster presention
ICEVI Business meeting 2 (Plenary/N114/English)

Video, Tuesday, 16 August 2005

Sumarokova Irina: Creation of Early Help - centre for children with vision problems video N 112 Russian
E.G.C. van den Broek, M.Wallroth Signals of visual impairment among mentally retarded children. video N113/English)

Poster presentation, 16 August 2005

Audrey Darby & Beth Ellsworth: Playing with food - Development of a group approach to feeding therapy (Poster/Entrance hall/English
Anneke Blok: Tactual Profile (Poster/Entrance hall/English/German)
Michel Antonenka and Liudmila Shcherbava, Alena Kulkova: Access to Computer Technologies for Intellectual Workers with Visual Impairment (Poster/Entrance hall/English
MAREK Boguslaw: Bridging the gap: A new approach to training teaches of learners with a visual impairment. (Poster/Entrance hall/English
Catarina Porto, Leen Poppe: Educational resources for children with cerebral palsy and low vision (Poster/Entrance hall/English
Deniskina Venera: Preparation to professional education: actual problems of special schools for the blind and visually impaired in Russia. (Poster/Entrance hall/English
Gerti Jaritz-Tschinkel, Marija Gschaider-Kraner: genAUGENommen (Poster/Entrance hall/German)
Ulf Gläser: Professional Enhancement+ Pre/Vocational Services (Poster/Entrance hall/German)
Dorine in't Veld: Lagaffe Touch: a book with tactile drawings and audio-cd's per language (Poster/Entrance hall/English
Ursula Weber-Kusch: About Modelling the World Project (Poster/Entrance hall/German)
Kent Lundkvist: Dissemination of findings in our Comenius 1 Project "From School to Resource Centre" (Poster/Entrance hall/English
Renate Böttger: A shorthand for persons with low vision (Poster/Entrance hall/German)
Violeta Sakniene, Janina Stuopeliene: Mathematical (geometrical) tool for blind and partially sighted people (Poster/Entrance hall/Russian
Magdalena Walachowska: Polish non-governmental organizations in service at people with visual impairment (Poster/Entrance hall/English
Dr. Henriette Lijnders: O & M young blind children (Poster/N 114/English)

Wednesday, 17th August 2005

Mira Tsetkova: O & M , Life-practical talents (Plenary/N 114/English)
Antonia Adamovich Hummel: ADL (English)
10.30-11.00 Coffee break: Exhibition, poster presentation
Dietmar Böhringer: "Barrier free" for visually impaired people (Parallel session/N114/German)
Dan Kish: Seeing without sight (Parallel session/N114/English)
Elzbieta Lobacz: Describing the space by vi children (Parallel session/N114 Russian
Silvia Boix Herandex: New Technology and Daily Life Skills (Parallel session/N113 Spanish
Dr. Andreas Hub: Learning foreign languages by using a new type of orientation assistant for the blind (Parallel session/N113/English)
Vladimir Gordeiko: New contents of mathematical education in primary school for visually impaired children (Parallel session/N113 Russian
Boguslaw Marek: Telling the future: Effective support of blind children in (not just) a foreign language classroom (Parallel session/N112/English)
Grita Strankauskiene: Foreign lesson's games for blind and visually impaired pupils (Parallel session/N112/German)
Marija Gschaider-Kraner: The crucial point (Parallel session/N112/German)
Birgit Drolshagen: To the Meaning of Self-Determination and Independence in the Training of Orientation and Mobility (Parallel session/N111/German)
Irina Kornilova: The psychotical help to visually impaired teenagers in varied conditions of modern Russia (Parallel session/N111 English
Volker Wickendick / Verona Mau: Most severe handicapped children - a challenge for education and medical science and treatment (Parallel session/N111/German)
Jette Pederson, Susanne Paulsen, Elsebeth Mortensen: Dysfunctions in the right cerebral hemisphere and their influence on social competencies, ADL and mobility (Parallel Session/N 010/English without translation)
Malgorzata Paplinska: Methods of teaching Braille to blind children in Poland (Parallel Session/N 010/English without translation)
P.S. Sterkenburg, C. Schuengel, C.G. C. Janssen: The effect of psychotherapy indicated by observation and by a change in cortical levels: visually and intellectually impairment children with challenging behaviour (Parallel Session/N 010/English without translation)
Emmy Csocsan, Frank Laemers: International co-operation (Workshop/N 101/English)
Henk de Jong: Regional East European support systems for employment of visually impaired (Workshop/N 013/English)
Social program: Dresden/Colditz/Meissen

Poster presentation, 17 August 2005

Irina Antonovna: Ethic and esthetic education of visually impaired children (Poster/Entrance hall/English
Michaela Bitterlich: Development of adaptive shopping opportunities- EDEKA Flemmingstr. Chemnitz (Poster/Entrance hall/German)
Boguslaw Marek: Inclusion or illusion? Ideas which work. (Poster/Entrance hall/?
BWS Spremberg: The dwelling "living farmstead" Kl. Loitz living and habitat for blind and sehbehinderte adults humans (Poster/Entrance hall/German)
BWS Spremberg: Care taking for mivi people provided by a mobile educational service (Poster/Entrance hall/German)
Catarina Porto, Leen Poppe: An example of service delivery for children with cerebral palsy and visual impairment (Poster/Entrance hall/English
Matthias Leopold: DaCapo - Software on Braille Music Notes (Poster/Entrance hall/German)
Andrea Fajdetić, Mira Oberman-Babic, Tina Runjic: Profesional rehabilitation of newly blinded (Poster/Entrance hall/English
Alexandre Issakov: Moscow School for Visually Impaired Children - aiming for excellence of education (Poster/Entrance hall/English
Karvonen Marketta: Pre/Vocational (Poster/Entrance hall/English
Kukharava, Kryvashei: English Language High Education for the Blind in Minsk poster Entrance hall /English)
Kuchynskaya, Rubashkina, Vertsinskaya: Higher psychological education fpr the bling in Belarus (Poster/Entrance hall/English
Outi Lappalainen: O&M (Poster/Entrance hall/English
Leonie Lörx and Annelies Feelders: The method used by the regional coach for job related rehabilitation in the Netherlands. (Poster/Entrance hall/English
Carina Poels, Corrie de Haas: presentation of Sensis International and different forms for co-operation (Poster/Entrance hall/English
Vasile Preda, Laura Elena Runceanu: Center for Assisteance in the Acces Technologies for the Individuals with Visual Impairments (Poster/Entrance hall/English

Thursday, 18th August 2005

9.00 -10.30
Sietske Brandenburg: Social Competence (Plenary/N 114/English)
Prof. Renate Walthes: Family
Lea Hyvärinen: Assessment of vision for special education; what should teachers know and be able to assess (Workshop(max. 20 P. Eastern Europe)/N 013/English)
10.30-11.00 Coffee break: Exhibition
Ma Jesús Bellón Fernández, Pilar A Bescos, Isabel G Soriano, Consuelo S Gomez: Play acting, an art to learn the things of life (Parallel session/N114 Spanish
Maria isabel Martínez Perez: Selfconcept in blind and visually impaired children and adolescents in comparison with their non-disadvantaged peers (Parallel session/N114 Spanish
Isabel Tapia Martín: Social Competence ( Services and Multdisability) (Parallel session/N114 Spanish
Valery Ananiev: Social Competence and Professional Enhancement (Parallel session/N113 Russian
Anette Ingsholt: Social competence/early intervention: Joint Attention (Parallel session/N113/English)
Reiner Delgado: Social competence (Parallel session/N113/German)
Ilona Thiele: Social skills - Advantages and Constrictions of a Learning Concept (Parallel session/N112/German)
Manuela Schulze: Why we need intercultural knowledge? - Experience of project YAPALIM - MACH MIT! (Parallel session/N112/German)
Mile Vukovic: Communication Disturbances in Visually Impaired Children (Parallel session/N112/English)
Gerti Jaritz-Tschinkel: Presentation of an action research "Lebenswege" (Parallel session/N111/German)
Veronika Stoklasova: School integration of children with visual impairment in Czech republic (Parallel session/N111/German)
Vladimir Gordeiko: New contents of mathematical education in primary school for visually impaired children (Parallel session/N111 Russian
Ina Oertel: Image-Consultation for Persons with Visual Impairments (Parallel session/N112/German)
Catarina Porto, Leen Poppe: An example of Service Delivery for Children with Cerebral Palsy and Visual Impairment (Parallel Session/N 010/English without translation)
Catarina Porto, Leen Poppe: Educational resources for children with cerebral palsy and low vision (Parallel Session/N 010/English without translation)
Rob Willers: Communication with NCL/BSV children (Parallel Session/N 010/English without translation)
Laura Elena Runceanu: Constructivist pedagogy and interactive learning methods for the inclusion of the visually impaired students (Workshop/N101/English)
TORIL LOE, KNUT BRANDSBORG: Joint attention. presentation in an Interactive Workshop. Presenting video/DVD with discussion (video/N 111/English)
Lunch time: Exhibition, poster presentation
Gunnel Frank, Smaroula Gabrielsson, Airi Karlson, Inger Klint: A unique model in Sweden: support of the infants in a three generation perspective (Parallel session/N114/English)
Krystyna Gwizdon: Collaboration with child's parents during the process of early intervention to the child (experience of the Specialized Centre for Early Revalidation (Parallel session/N114/English)
Terezie Hradikova, Krisztina Kovacs: Central-European Project on Professional Development in Early Intervention (Parallel session/N 114/English)
Christine Burger: Support of parents of visually impaired and blind pupils at mainstream schools (Parallel session/N113/German)
Helga Neumann: Family (Parallel session/N113/German)
Christian Walter-Klose: Co-operation with families (Parallel session/N113/German)
Elena Gastron Lopez: Family. Contributing to personal enrichment of children with of children with visual impairement. An experience of working with groups of children and parents in early intervention (Parallel session/N112 Spanish
Ma Jose Losada Martinez: Early intervention and family adjustment in blind and low vision children (Parallel session/N112 Spanish
M Teresa Corbella Roqueta: The application of new technologies in the education of students with blindness in early ages. resources and experiences (Parallel session/N112 Spanish
Nataliya Belyakova: Training of blind children with complex structure of defect in family (Parallel session/N111/English)
Elena Nasibulova: Painting as a part of emotional discovery of the world (Parallel session/N111 Russian
Grazyna Walczak: Early Intervention Services for children with visual impairment and their families in Poland - the past, present state and perspectives (Parallel session/N 111/English)
Audrey Farelly: Developing an Educational Framework for Children 4 years plus, with multiple disability, visual impairment in conjunction with their families in the Irish context (Parallel Session/N 114/English without translation)
Nora Ovadia: A Unique Guidance and Stimulation Program for Parents and Infants with Visual Impairments (Parallel Session/N 114/English without translation)
John Ravenscroft: Parents (Parallel Session/N 114/English without translation)
15.30-16.00 Coffee break
ICEVI Final plenary session (Plenary/N 114/English)
Closing party SFZ Flemmingstr.

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