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2nd Workshop
Training of Teachers of the Visually Impaired in Europe

Competencies of teachers of the visually impaired:
sharing and creating knowledge on a European level.

Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 23-27 September 1999

Compiled and edited by
Dr Herman A.A. Gresnigt
European Chairman ICEVI


Table of Contents


  1. Introduction
  2. Programme
  3. Opening session 1:
    1. Welcome by Dr Herman A.A. Gresnigt
    2. Welcome by Dr Branislav Mamojka
    3. Speech on behalf of the Minister of Education by Mrs Dr Maria Tekelova
    4. Key note address by Dr Heather Mason
  4. Opening session 2:
    Short reports about developments since the first workshop in 1997
  5. Competencies required for Specialist Teachers of children with a visual impairment
  6. Workshop themes, by the programme committee
  7. Working methods: sharing and creating knowledge on a European level
    1. Paper by Mr Frans Meyer
    2. Lecture by Mrs Maryam Mildenberg

Introduction to chapters 8-12

  1. Report on theme 1: Residual and functional vision by Mr Steve Minett
  2. Report on theme 2: Multi-disabled visually impaired by Mrs Rita Kirkwood
  3. Report on theme 3: Social and emotional developments by Mrs Barbara Raybould
  4. Report on theme 4: Access to information; information technology by Mr Steve McCall
  5. Report on theme 5: Practical component of the training of teachers of the visually impaired by Mrs Mary Kingsley
  6. Report on the results of a questionnaire relating to the list of competencies
  7. Co-operation with the European Agency for development in Special Needs Education
  8. Evaluation and follow-up
    Review in verse by Mrs Solveig Sj�stedt


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