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Managerial Responsible Persons: Nathalie-Lewi Dumont () & Hans Welling ()

ICEVI-Europe Professional interest group, Teaching and Teacher training Conference - What is good, can always be better; Wondering how to improve the mathematical performances of blind students?

ICEVI-Europe Professional interest group, Teaching and Teacher training Conference

Dear colleagues,
It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we invite you to attend the conference on improving the mathematical abilities of blind students.

The conference will be preceded by a dinner on the 15th of April, at INSHEA, a university institute which, among other tasks, trains teachers to teach students with special needs.

We look forward to welcoming you at the conference in Suresnes!

Hans Welling, President of ICEVI-Europe
Nathalie Lewi-Dumont, Board Member of ICEVI-Europe
Annemiek van Leendert, Conference Chairperson


1 Title and Theme of the Conference

What is good, can always be better
Wondering how to improve the mathematical performances of blind students?

Blind students encounter difficulties while doing mathematics. Their teachers need to have knowledge of both mathematics and assistive devices, e.g. braille, Text-to-Speech synthesizer and tactile drawings. For example, the teacher needs to know how to read and comprehend a tactile graph with your finger tips and be able to describe the mathematical basic concepts of the graph.

This is just one example. During the conference we want to map which knowledge and skills visiting and mathematics teachers need to support blind students in mathematics. Therefore, we need input from both visiting and mathematics teachers. We will put all this information into a manual that must be “completed” at the end of the conference. We regard this manual as a living document that will be updated at the next conference (ICEVI, Jerusalem 2021).

We warmly recommend you to participate in this conference because it is a great opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge with colleagues.

2 Dates and Program

15 April 2019 Arrival (Monday)
16-17 April 2019 Conference Days (Tuesday & Wednesday)
18 April 2019 Departure (Thursday)

15 April 2019 dinner at 19:00
16 April 2019 lunch and dinner, coffee break
17 April 2019 lunch and dinner, coffee break
18 April 2019 breakfast*

* For participants staying at INSHEA, breakfast will be available at INSHEA;
  For participants staying at a hotel, breakfast will be available at the hotel.

3 Venue

The conference will take place at INSHEA in Suresnes, near Paris. The address is 58 Avenue des Landes, 92150 Suresnes-France.

For accommodation, there are 40 bedrooms available in the institute, INSHEA, and several hotel facilities are available in the neighborhood. Please be informed that toilets are available outside of the bedrooms in INSHEA.

Map of the conference venue INSHEA and instructions for accessing INSHEA via public transportation and by car. PDF, 136kB

4 Hotel Accommodation

Participants are responsible for booking a desired accommodation by themselves. In the event you wish to book a hotel for your accommodation, several hotel accommodation options are available in the town of Suresnes.

    Address:50 bd Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
    Town: SURESNES 92150
    Tel: 00 33 1 41 38 36 27
    Website: HÔTEL LE VAL D'OR website
    Approximate price: 57€ breakfast included
    * Note: Close to INSHEA
  2. HÔTEL 1ère CLASSE
    Address:17 boulevard Henri Sellier
    Town: SURESNES 92150
    Tel: 00 33 1 42 04 55 02
    Website: HÔTEL 1ère CLASSE website
    Approximate price: 70€+ breakfast not included
    Address: 15 boulevard Henri Sellier
    Town: SURESNES 92150
    Tel: 00 331 58 47 55 66
    Website: HÔTEL CAMPANILE website
    Approximate price: 100€ + breakfast not included
    Address: 6 rue des Bourets
    Town: SURESNES 92150
    Tel: 00 33 1 45 06 44 88
    Website: HÔTEL IBIS website
    Approximate price: 115€ + breakfast not included
    Address: 7 rue du Port aux vins
    Town: SURESNES 92150
    Tel: 00 331 40 99 00 00
    Website: HÔTEL NOVOTEL website
    Approximate price: 140€ + breakfast not included
    Address: 68/72 boulevard Henri Sellier
    Town: SURESNES 92150
    Tel: 0033 1 42 04 60 76
    Website: HÔTEL ATRIUM website
    Approximate price: 120€ + breakfast not included

5 Keynote speech

Welcome by: Nathalie Lewi-Dumont, on behalf of the board of ICEVI-Europe
Keynote: Theme of the conference by: Annemiek van Leendert

6 Target group

Visiting and mathematics teachers of blind students in secondary and special secondary education.

7 Exhibition

Exhibition of assistive devices and posters from participants.

8 Abstracts

The conference is composed of presentations, cases, posters, workshops and discussions. You are cordially invited to give a poster or paper presentation on one of the following topics:

Submission of abstract of paper or poster:

When you want to give a presentation, you have to submit an abstract. The required word limit for the abstract is 250 words, written in the English language. You can download and complete your Official Abstract Form, DOCX, 62kB.

Please submit your completed Official Abstract Form before 1 March 2019 to . You will be informed about the review results and revision requested by 1 March 2019.

Paper Presentation:

Your accepted paper will be presented and discussed in time slots of 30 minutes.
All papers will be included in the conference proceedings.

9 Registration

To register as a conference participant, you have to submit a completed registration form and transfer the payment for your conference registration fee. You can download and complete your Participant’s Registration Form, DOCX, 65kB.

Please submit your completed Participant’s Registration Form before March 1, 2019 via email to .

Please be informed that in order for you to be considered a registered conference participant, as well as, for us to reserve a bedroom for you in the institute, INSHEA, in the case that you want to stay here, we need to have received your completed Participant's Registration Form and Conference Registration Fee Payment before March 1, 2019.

Please be advised that for accommodation at the institute, INSHEA, there are only 40 bedrooms available and we will reserve these bedrooms for the first 40 conference participants who are considered registered, meaning those who have sent their completed registration form and for whom we have received their conference registration fee payment before March 1, 2019.

Our advice is to bring your laptop with you to the conference venue.

10 Proceedings

In addition to the papers presented, the proceedings may include the manual, recommendations and resolutions.

11 Transportation Information

If you want to see how to reach INSHEA and hotels from the airports of Paris, Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly, PNG, 570kB.

For transportation information to INSHEA and hotels by metro and tram, see the following map, PNG, 832kB.

For transportation information to INSHEA and hotels, via all trains, metro and trams, view the following map., PNG, 1,8MB.

12 Future of the Professional Interest Group, Teaching and teacher training

For further information and registration, see the website of ICEVI-Europe.