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Welcome to the Home Page of ICEVI-Europe. ICEVI is International Council for Education and Rehabilitation of People with Visual Impairment.

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New EBU Focus Newsletter October 2020 - Audiodescription; EBU calls for inclusion in all events

New Vision Center: An informational web guide created for those seeking vision related information and other vision correction options.

New ICEVI-European Newsletter Issue August 2020


Sharing information and knowledge on the field of education and rehabilitation of people with visual impairment.

Target audience

Professionals and others involved in the education and rehabilitation of children and young people with visual impairment.

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8th ECPVI -European Conference on Psychology and Visual Impairment Vision Prague 2020

Theme: „Real life (In) dependence“
November 5 – 6, 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic
Conference Website:
Conference Announcement Prague Vision Conference Invitation
Conference Registration Form Deadline: September 30, 2020
Note: In the case of an unfavorable epidemiological situation due to COVID-19, the conference may be postponed to 2021. You will be informed about the change of the date.

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ICEVI-Europe Professional Interest Group, Early Intervention Conference

Dear Participants of the Early Intervention Conference,

As a result of the special circumstances and measures taken in Europe in the context of COVID-19, it was decided that the ICEVI-Europe Professional Interest Group, Early Intervention Conference scheduled to be held on 23 & 24 April 2020 in Leuven, Belgium will not take place. We are looking into the possibility to postpone the ICEVI-Europe Professional Interest Group Early Intervention Conference to a later date, probably in the fall of 2020. As soon as we have more insight into a possible new date, this will be communicated. We would like to thank you for your understanding of the measures taken in light of these exceptional circumstances.

Hans Welling, President of ICEVI-Europe
Kathleen Vandermaelen, Board Member of ICEVI-Europe
Sonia Meys, Conference Chairperson

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10th ICEVI-Europe Conference
Theme: "Access to Learning and Learning to Access"


As a result of the Corona pandemic, ICEVI-world has decided to suspend the general assembly of ICEVI-world until May 2021. As a consequence, the board of ICEVI-Europe and the Israeli Host Committee have decided to postpone the 10th ICEVI-Europe Conference in Jerusalem, Israel, scheduled in that year. We will inform you of a new date and place as soon as possible. Hopefully you will all be fine in these exceptional times.

Hans Welling, President
Tomer Rosner, Chairperson Host Committee

10th ICEVI-Europe Conference
Theme: 'Access to Learning and Learning to Access'
8-12 August 2021 in Jerusalem, Israel (with Optional Days for Excursions on 13 and 14 August)
(Arrival: 7 Aug. 2021) 
Venue: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

SAVE THE DATE - 10th ICEVI-Europe Conference August 8th -12th, 2021, pdf format, 877kB

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EBU & ICEVI-Europe Joint Project

Erasmus+ Mobility of Students with Disability: A State-of-the-art report on the accessibility of exchange programs for students with visual impairments

Erasmus+ Mobility of Students with visual impairment Pilot Survey among Erasmus+ and Disability Coordinators

Erasmus+ Mobility of Students with Visual Impairment Accessible Universities for Erasmus+ Students with Visual Impairment

Recommendations for students with visual impairment participating in international exchange programmes

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24.05.2018 8th ICEVI East European Conference - Accessible Environment for People with Disabilities - Formal Announcement of theVIII ICEVI East European Conference in Saratov, Russia, DOC format, 228kB