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Welcome to the Home Page of ICEVI-Europe. ICEVI is International Council for Education and Rehabilitation of People with Visual Impairment.

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New Special Edition Newsletter, Proceedings of the 7th ICEVI Balkan Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria held 20.10.2019-23.10.2019

New Register Your Participation at the 37th Congress for Pedagogy for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Marburg



Sharing information and knowledge on the field of education and rehabilitation of people with visual impairment.

Target audience

Professionals and others involved in the education and rehabilitation of children and young people with visual impairment.

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ICEVI-Europe Professional Interest Group, Early Intervention Conference
Theme: "The development of social and emotional skills in young children with visual impairments"

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EBU & ICEVI-Europe Joint Project

Erasmus+ Mobility of Students with Disability: A State-of-the-art report on the accessibility of exchange programs for students with visual impairments

Erasmus+ Mobility of Students with visual impairment Pilot Survey among Erasmus+ and Disability Coordinators

Erasmus+ Mobility of Students with Visual Impairment Accessible Universities for Erasmus+ Students with Visual Impairment

Recommendations for students with visual impairment participating in international exchange programmes

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24.05.2018 8th ICEVI East European Conference - Accessible Environment for People with Disabilities - Formal Announcement of theVIII ICEVI East European Conference in Saratov, Russia, DOC format, 228kB