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Professional Interest Groups

Dear Professionals and Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the continuation of the ICEVI-Europe Professional Interest Groups. As a continuation to the tradition begun at the 2013 ICEVI-European Conference in Istanbul, meetings of the Professional Interest Groups were successfully organized during the 2017 ICEVI-European Conference in Bruges, Belgium.

Professional Interest Groups of ICEVI-Europe were established with the purpose of bringing together scientists, academics and professionals who work in the same specific field in order to exchange knowledge and experiences about the education and rehabilitation of people with visual impairments. ICEVI-Europe recognizes the necessity of professional interest groups and embraces the cooperation between professionals working in the field of visual impairment, promoting the necessary framework for full participation.

The Professional Interest Groups under the umbrella of ICEVI-Europe, along with the Managerial Responsible Persons serving as the Contact Person between the Board of ICEVI-Europe and the particular Professional Interest group are the following:

We strongly encourage you to join a Professional Interest Group of your choice and engage in the exchange of knowledge and sharing of best practices with fellow professionals and practitioners in your same field of interest. To do so, please contact directly the Managerial Responsible Person(s) of an ICEVI-Europe Professional Interest Group of your choice, in order to register yourself as a member of that Professional Interest Group.

As one of its instruments through which it facilitates the exchange of professional knowledge and expertise, ICEVI-Europe is a strong advocate of the establishment of strong and independent special Interest Groups that promote networking with regard to specific aspects of education and rehabilitation of the visually impaired. In this instance, a small committee serving the purpose of a steering group will be formed which will plan future meetings, thematic conferences and workshops organized by the Interest Groups.

On behalf of the ICEVI-Europe Board, we look forward to having you join one of our Professional Interest Groups and support us in promoting the full participation of people with visual impairments.

Sincerely Yours,
The Board of ICEVI-Europe